We offer a full range of high-quality legal services to both commercial and private clients.

Employment law

We specialize in employment law. We can provide assistance in all cases involving employment law, for example, disputes arising from the termination of work contracts, disputes concerning employees’ wage claims, as well as criminal cases involving employment law. We have extensive experience of assignments related to employee rights and obligations, as well as disputes regarding gender issues, equality, and discrimination.

We represent both employees and employers. We can provide consultation on contracts of employment, cooperation negotiations, and in other matters concerning terms and conditions of employment.

Other areas of practice

We also provide a broad range of services in other legal areas.

Contract law: For example, contract disputes, torts settlement, and preparation of commercial and other contracts.

Criminal law: For example, assistance to suspects, victims, or other parties in criminal cases.

Family and estate law: For example, divorce and separation, child issues such as custody and maintenance, and estate matters.

Immigration- and asylum law: For example, issues related to immigration on employment, residence permits, and citizenship and asylum status.

Where relevant, we also ascertain the eligibility of clients to receive legal aid.

If you wish to receive further information about our services, please contact our office.